At L&T Precision, we offer top of the line services to our customers to meet and exceed their sheet metal needs. To begin the sheet metal process, we have two CNC Punching Cells and a CNC Fiber Optic Laser Cell. These machines create precision cuts on various types of metals to help reduce costs and waste. The next step is to make sure that parts move forward in the production process with no burns or sharp edges. They enter our polishing, graining, and deburring center, where the parts are worked on and checked for correctness/quality. These smoothed and polished sheet metal cut outs then move to one of our seven forming and bending cells. With precision techniques combined with years of experience, we can form and bend the parts correctly on the first pass. The final step in our sheet metal fabrication process is hardware insertion, before moving on to assembly and finishing.

Punch / Laser Cutting Capabilities

Amada LC2515C1-AJ Punch/Laser Cell

  • 2000 Watt Fiber Laser Source
  • ASR3015NTK-10PUAJ 10 Shelf Load / Unload with Part Picker
  • 45 Station Turret
  • 4 Tapping Stations
  • 3 Die Lift Stations
  • 1 Auto-Index Station
  • 22 ton punching capacity
  • 5′ x 10′ max. sheet size

Amada ENSIS 3015 Fiber Laser Cell
  • 3000 Watt Fiber Laser Source
  • AMS 3015CL Load/Unload
  • 5’ x 10’ max. sheet size
Amada Vipros 358K CNC Punching Cell
  • 58 Station Turret
  • 4 Auto-Index Stations
  • ASR641 6 Shelves Auto-Loader/Unloaded
  • 30 ton punching capability

Sheet Metal Forming Capabilities

Amada Astro 100MHE Robotic Bend System

  • 138 ton capacity
  • 10′ Bed
  • NC Controlled Back Gauges
  • 33 lb. robot capacity

Amada HDS 1303NT Press Brake (2)

  • 143 ton capacity
  • 127″ Bed
  • NC Controlled Back Gauges

Amada HG1003ATC Press Brake

  • 110 ton capacity
  • 122″ Bed
  • Automatic Tool Changer

Polishing, Graining, and Deburring Machine Listing/Capabilities:
Finishes: Bead Blast, Jitterbug, Linegrain, Tumble

Lissmac ABM-S 1000 Deburring Machine

  • 36″ Table Size
  • Single Pass Deburring

Amada 237-2MW Wet Deburring Machine

  • 36″ Table Size
  • Wet Linegrainer

AEM 36in. Dry Deburring Machine

  • 36″ Table Size
  • Dry Linegrainer